Our daily effort and commitment are the keys to obtain the confidence of our customers and become their reliable partner and supplier offering custom service and innovative solutions in the power transmission, industrial conveying and automation markets.

The partnership with worldwide recognized brands, allows us to focus our performance in the fields of couplings, gears and racks, sprockets and roller chains, pulleys and V-belts, industrial conveying, special screws and custom-made projects.

Since our founding in 1994, with more than 25 years of activity, we keep working with respect to our history, engagement philosophy and evolution in order to grow as a referent for our customers, suppliers, society and employees.


The company

  • 1994
– The activity starts in a warehouse located in Sta Joaquina de Vedruna 3, Mollerussa (Lleida)
  • 2001
– New building in P.I. Golparc 18-20, Golmés (Lleida)
  • 2014
– Become a member of the European Asssociation, EPTDA
  • 2015
– First warehouse expansion (2.500 m2 stock)
  • 2017
– Second warehouse expansion (3.200 m2 stock)
  • 2018
– Construction of a Clean Room for the Food Industry projects
  • 2020
Ydins (our brand means technological innovation)
Extension of our production area plus acquisition of Hi Tech Machinery for custom made products
  • 2021
– Third warehouse expansion (5000 m2 stock)

Business agreements as exclusive representatives:

  • 1996
Lovejoy Inc (Couplings)
  • 1998
Ketten Wulf (Drive, conveyance and lift Chains)
  • 2000
Martin Sprocket & Gear (Sprockets, Couplings and Pulleys)
  • 2001
NBK (Miniature Couplings and Special Screws)
  • 2002
KHK (Gears and Racks)
  • 2003
REXON Group (V-belts and Rubber & PU Timing Belts)
  • 2010
Rathi Transpower (Couplings and Torque Limiters)
  • 2013
Bode Belting (PU timing belts)
  • 2015
HA-CO (Safety Couplings and Torque Limiters)
  • 2016
BEHA belt (Round, V-belts and Conveyor Belts made of PU and TPE)
  • 2020
Couptec (Safety Couplings)
  • 2022
Gates TPU (TPU food Belting and Timing Belts & Flex Timing Belts)