Technical support sercices, development of customized projects and own workshop, for the best transmission.

Our work policy coexists with the commitment to mmet the demands of our costumers, with quality products and services, and technical advice according to their needs.

Technical Support

Looking for the optimization in solutions to our clients, the technical department of Lindis offers integral projects to increase the Efficiency, Availability and Security in their equipment.


Together with Engineering brands represented -Martin Sprocket, Lovejoy, Rexon, Atlatos, NBK, KHK, Behabelt, Mitshuboshi, Ha-co- we develop projects, designs and products that allow us to be at the forefront of market needs.


We have our own workshop for the handling and finishing of our products, providing solutions to your needs as well as added value to your equipment.
Products s / flat, coatings, tacos, machined, joints to measure ....


Looking to deepen the knowledge of our products and market, from Lindis we offer training courses for their work teams in each of our sectors of influence.

Efficient Management

One of the strengths of Lindis is focused on the diligence in the response to the queries of our clients, the effectiveness in the management and the quality and speed of the shipment.