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LM couplings eliminate the need for lubrication and coupling maintenance. Moreover, it can be inspected without dismantling it. Also, it is possible to inspect the discs with a strobe light while the machine is running (Note: it is not recommended that the couplings work without coupling guards.)

Main features
  • Misalignment of easily assessable equipment
  • Torsionally rigid without recoil
  • No pieces that wear out
  • Resistance to the harshest environments
  • Prolonged shelf life if the dimensions and alignment are correct
  • High power density (greater torque for each determined outside diameter)
  • The unified discs guarantee the repeatability necessary to satisfy the requirements of balance and connections specified by the API-610 standard
  • ATEX Certified for SU, SX, DI, SXC, SXCS, SXCST, DIR, DILR, DIRA and DIRLA

The disc pack admits angular misalignment from 1/2 ° to 1-1 / 2 ° and is used in all disc couplings.

The discs are manufactured with a high quality stainless steel (AISI-301), which guarantees high strength, excellent resistance to fatigue and resistance to most environmental conditions. Disk couplings employ 4, 6 or 8 bolt disc packs. Although the 8-bolt design can transmit a greater torque than the 6-bolt or 4-bolt design, it does not admit too much angular misalignment. In addition, the couplings can be equipped with overload bushings to protect the discs during momentary torsional overloads.
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