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RATHI Pre-cut Shims play a crucial role in the tight positioning of the equipment as well as perfect alignment of the axes. The precise adjustment of the machinery is an essential element for any alignment process. The misalignment of the axes and their consequences are the cause of more than 50% of the breakdowns of the rotating machines. As a result, unscheduled downtimes increase and, therefore, production losses occur. No doubt this increases the overall maintenance costs.

In addition, misaligned axes increase vibration and friction, which considerably increases energy consumption and causes premature damage to bearings and seals.

The sheets are used to correct, mainly, three phenomena: the height difference in the machines, their misalignment and the 'lame leg'.

The calibrated sheets RATHI are available in six different sizes and have nine different thicknesses to adapt to any situation. Made of stainless steel resistant to corrosion, acids and alkali. Perfectly smooth to stabilize the machine's support and consequently improve its performance and reliability. They are supplied marked for quick identification.

Correct alignment results in an increase in overall savings by using fewer spare parts, by consuming less energy and by having fewer unscheduled downtimes.
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