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Precision coupling is a component used to connect a drive shaft and a driven part, for example, a motor shaft and a ball screw for the purpose of transmitting the torque. Also, Coupling introduces mechanical flexibility providing misalignment for the shafts.
As a result, this coupling flexibility can prevent uneven wear, vibration and other mechanical troubles due to misalignment.

Types and characteristics of NBK precision couplings

The extensive product liine-up NBK offers is the fruit of experiences and expertise accumulated as a coupling manufacturer. We emphasize: 

  • XG series high gain type coupling can meet requirements of the fast response to servomotor's order
  • Disc-type XH Series achived the highest rigidity ever
  • MS series has integral slits structures and it is best suited for stepper motors
  • Cross joint XUT coupling reduces loads and reaction forces to bearings
  • Oldham MOR has superior cost effectiveness
  • The rigid XRP coupling has achived exceptional high precision

Select one from NBK's broad line-up that meets your specifications. 

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