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Precision couplings are components that are used to connect the conductive part to the driven part, for example, connecting a motor to a spindle to transmit a torque Nm. Also the coupling, with its flexibility, allows misalignments in the axes.
As a result, this flexibility prevents wear, vibrations and other mechanical problems caused by misalignments.

Types and characteristics of NBK precision couplings

The extensive NBK line is the result of experience and accumulated knowledge as a manufacturer of couplings.

We emphasize: High gain XG series for demands of quick response to servomotor order; Series of XH sheets to achieve the highest rigidity; The MS series has a slit structure that makes it ideal for stepper motors; XUT cross couplings reduce loads and reactive forces to the bearings, the Oldham MOR type is very economically effective, and the rigid XRP coupling is designed to achieve high precision.

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