NBK's Silicon carbide screws (SiC screws) received an Award for Excellence at the 2023 Nikkei Excellent Products and Services Awards.

Silicon carbide screws are made from the innovative material silicon carbide, possessing a hardness comparable to that of diamond.
Leveraging our unique expertise, we have developed a process that diverges entirely from the conventional manufacturing method involving the processing of iron bars.

Featuring outstanding chemical and heat resistance, it demonstrates remarkable resilience against various substances, including ammonia water, hydrogen peroxide solution, hydrofluoric acid, and 50% sulfuric acid.

Recommended for application in
- FPD manufacturing equipment
- Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (cleaning processes)
- Printed circuit board etching equipment
- Metal surface treatment equipment
- Chemical plants
- Manufacturing equipment for next-generation semiconductors, responding to the rising demand in fields like artificial intelligence (AI).

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