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Martin-Flex Couplings smoothly transmit power while compensating for  shaft misalignment to 4º, parallel misalignment to 3,2 and end float to 7,9. The two piece flange design provides quick and easy installation and the elastomeric absorbs shock and torsional vibration through a wide temperature range. 

Main features
  • For axial, radial and angular misalignments
  • Great elastic twist
  • Easy assembly
  • Fixing with conical bushing.
  • Absorption of vibrations and oscillations
The Martin-Flex coupling provides all the desirable features of an ideal flexible coupling, including Taper Bush fixing. The Martin-Flex coupling is a "torsionally elastic" coupling offering versatility to designers and engineers with a choice of flange combinations to suit most applications. The flanges are available in either F  (face) or H (hub) Taper Bush fitting or bored to size. With the addition of a spacer flange the coupling can be used to accomodate standard distance between shaft ends and facilitate pump maintenance. 

The Martin-Flex coupling can accomodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes without imposing undue loads on adjacent bearings and the excellent shock-absorbing properties of the flexible type reduce vibration and torsional oscillation.

Martin-Flex types are available in natural rubber compounds for use in ambient temperatures between -50ºC and +50ºC. Chloroprene rubber compounds are available for use in adverse operating conditions (e.g. oil or grease contamination) and can be used in temperatures of -15ºC to +70ºC. The chloroprene component should also be used when fire-resistance and antistatic (F.R.A.S.) properties are required. 
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