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Martin-Flex Couplings transmit power smoothly while they can compensate angular misalignments of 4º, parallel of 3.2 and axial misalignments of 7.9. Its design of two plates allows a fast and simple assembly and the elastic element absorbs loads and vibrations in a wide range of temperatures.

Main features
  • For axial, radial and angular misalignments
  • Great elastic twist
  • Easy assembly
  • Fixing with conical bushing.
  • Absorption of vibrations and oscillations
The Martin-Flex coupling provides all the desired features in an ideal flexible coupling, including the Taper Bush locking system.

The Martin-Flex is a torsionally elastic coupling that offers designers and engineers a wide range of combinations to meet most needs.

The plates are available either in F system (internal taper mounting) or H (external taper mounting) or also blind.

By adding a spacer plate, the coupling can be used in pump systems facilitating maintenance.

The Martin-Flex coupling can simultaneously absorb maximum misalignments without overloading the bearings and its excellent elastic properties reduce vibrations and torsional oscillations.
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