Flexible couplings are those couplings that transmit torque from a drive shaft to a driven shaft that are characterized by being made, some of their components, with elastomeric materials. This flexible material, available in some models in different hardnesses, provides ideal cushioning for many applications that require it.

ADVANTAGES of using elastic couplings:
  • Protects the machine from vibration overloads
  • Compensates for axial, parallel, angular misalignment or a combination of various types
  • Easy disconnection in case of repair
  • They provide power without compromising the ability to generate rolling
  • Combine torque transmission and torsional rigidity
  • Suitable for low transmit power applications

Our flexible couplings
Grid couplings
CJ/SPIDEX couplings
Dentex/MCR couplings
RB (B-Flex) couplings
N-Flex couplings
JAW couplings
Martin-Flex couplings
S-Flex / QuadraFlex couplings
LF torsional couplings
HRC couplings
RTP / RTPS couplings
SFC coupling

Each application requires a suitable coupling, so the choice of this product is decisive for the proper functioning of the machinery.

At Lindis we advise you to find the ideal product for each need.

Contact us and we will help you to select your coupling.