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The DENTEX coupling is a flexible gear coupling whose typical features are two congruent hubs with crowned teeth which transmit torque by meshing with the internal toothing of a housing component. The coupling sleeve with axially parallel involute gearing is centered at the tooth flanks of the coupling hub.

The flexible coupling design fulfills the requirement for compensation of radial, angular and axial shaft displacements in order to relieve the neighbouring shaft bearings from non-controlled, additional loads. Even with the maximum permissible displacement, edge contact of the teeth is excluded and there will be no periodic variation of the angular velocity. The high internal cushioning properties of the plastic material used for the coupling sleeve reduce the effect of shock loading.

DENTEX couplings are suitable both for horizontal and vertical shaft connection, for reversing and intermittent service. The steel/plastic combination also has the advantage that no lubrication by oil or grease is required; the coupling, therefore, does not need any maintenance. The 6.6-polyamide used for the coupling sleeve is distinguished by its excellent sliding properties and wear resistance; it is also resistant to all market-standard lubricants and hydraulic fluids. However, substances of strongly polar character such concenctrated mineral acids, formic acid, cresol, glycol, benzyl alcohol can dissolve 6.6-polyamide at high temperature. Maximum service reliability is guaranteed at temperatures between -25ºC and +80ºC. A coupling sleeve in heat-stabilised polyamide is required for temperatures up to +140ºC.

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