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The DENTEX couplings realize a union of flexible axes, able to compensate the axial, radial and angular deformations of the axes. The torque is transmitted jointly through two interlocking congruent cubes, with spherical teeth integrated into a plastic bushing with internal teeth. This principle of coupling has the property of protecting the adjacent bearings from the uncontrolled forces that may appear in them. Thanks to the effect of double cardan, the forces of return that are created during the angular and radial deformations can be neglected, avoiding also the periodic oscillations of the angular speed

DENTEX couplings are suitable for horizontal or vertical joints of the axes and their assembly is quick and easy. Thanks to the combination steel / plastic, these couplings do not require the usual lubrication with oil or grease, that is, they are 100% maintenance-free. The use of polyamide 6.6 in the plastic cap allows to obtain excellent sliding and wear properties. In addition, this material is resistant to all lubricating oils and conventional hydraulic fluids. The optimum service safety is obtained within a temperature range of -25°C to +80°C. For service temperatures up to +140°C the use of a thermally stabilized polyamide coupling sleeve is required.

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