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Clipper Hooks conveyor belt fasteners
  • Quick and economical installation, low-profile fastener, double-staggered-grip pattern that doesn't degrade the integrity of the belt carcass, operates quietly and without interfaces with conveyor components, wide variety of wire diameters, materials, leg and point lengths and strip lengths with multiple installation methods.

Miniprestol conveyor belt fasteners
  • The Miniprestol family of conveyor fasteners (RIVET-FASTENERS) is large and exhaustive. It is used to join belts from 1 to 18 mm with pulley diameters from 20 to 400 mm with no costly installation equipment. Installation on all kinds of belts, available in FDA/USDA antimagnetic stainless steel, copper or stainless steel rivets and good compression in the belt. In galvanized steel, stainless steel or antimagnetic stainless steel. 

Plategrip conveyor belt fasteners
  • The traditional Plategrip teeth overlap the edges of the plates and provide extra holding power on thin belts. Passing smoothly over conveyor pulleys, Plategrip fasteners allow natural troughing of belts and smooth operation on both sides, through trippers and scrapers, as well as over crowned or take up pulleys. 

R5 Riv-Nail conveyor belt fasteners
  • A design pattern composed of two to eight RIV-NAILS allows for the fasteners to be clinched for maximum pull-out resistance - as the pilot nails do not cut the fabric, but divide it, and allow the rivets to slide between fill and warp yarns. The RIV-NAIL is a compression fastener and, as such, does not rely entirely on the belt fabric for resistance to fastener pull-out.

Staplegrip conveyor belt fasteners
  • Staplegrip belt fasteners are unique, compared to conventional lightweight belt fasteners, because the staples are clinched 90º to the direction of the pull of the belt. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for the staple to open under load. Our staples are also unique. While other brands are rectangular, with their narrow dimension in line with the pull of the belt. Staplegrip staples are oval-shaped with smooth, rounded edges. This design feature reduces the possibility of the staple damaging the belting fabric. 
Steelgrip conveyor belt fasteners
  • Time-tested and proven dependable, the strength of Steelgrip lacing is enhanced due to the common bar, which yields a continuous lacing strip for the width of the belting. Thus, the tension is distributed across the entire belt width. While made from a special steel that allows the points to pierce the belt carcass, the teeth are designed to enter the belt fabric without cutting the longitudinal strength members of the belting. 
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