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Clipper Hooks conveyor fasteners
  • Quick and economical installation, low profile conveyor fasteners, double stepped grab plant that does not hurt the band casing, operates quickly and without edges with the conveyor components, wide variety of cable diameters, materials, lengths of tips, bars and strip lengths with various installation methods.

Miniprestol conveyor fasteners
  • The Miniprestol family of conveyor fasteners(RIVET-FASTENERS) is large and diverse. It is used to join bands from 1 to 18 mm with roller diameters from 20 to 400 mm without the need for expensive tools.

Plategrip conveyor fasteners
  • Plategrip conveyor fasteners are designed to meet the demands of the toughest applications for material handling, bolt-on solid plate clamps offer a fine-free splice and superior grip.

R5 Riv-Nail conveyor fasteners
  • Ideal for bands with solid PVC and rubber fabric and for worn bands that do not conform to vulcanized joints, the R5 RIV Staples system NAIL provides high performance, durability and easy installation by increasing band availability.

Staplegrip conveyor fasteners
  • With conveyor fasteners previously inserted and designed in one-piece strips, Staplegrip conveyor fasteners make splicing quick and easy.

Steelgrip conveyor fasteners
  • For systems with 1 "(25 mm) diameter pulleys, Steelgrip conveyor fasteners offer an economical, low profile splice that is hammered.
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