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Torsional LF couplings have been designed with an exclusive and highly versatile elastomer. They can be easily integrated into various coupling configurations to meet numerous application needs.

The elements of the LF series are presented in various materials depending on the damping characteristics of the coupling to adjust the critical speed of the systems to the service speed of the application. The element can be connected axially to a flywheel adapter plate or to a hub with flanges, and radially to a central cylindrical hub using the appropriate bolts. Axial bolt styles include hollow head bolts with a special dry adhesive, or S-type bolts, very similar to the dowel pins. Radial bolts are used to connect the element to a cylindrical hub. This unique design is remarkably simple and highly effective, and gives unmatched LF torsional couplings performance characteristics.

The selection of couplings should be verified by an analysis of torsional vibrations (AVT) of the system. (You will find the necessary information to perform an AVT in the downloadable catalogue)

Main features

  • Lovejoy's most versatile torsional couplings
  • Configuration options include flange to shaft, shaft to axis and floating shaft
  • Available in high temperature rubber, neoprene, Hytrel® or Zytel®
  • Nominal torque: up to 26,500 in-lb (3000 Nm)

Equivalent to centaflex couplings.

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