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The SFC Coupling is a robust and flexible coupling with insulating properties and easy to use. 

The reverse bending strength of the flexible material and the cardan-like shaping of the power transmitter, this development is the ingenious, technical solution for shaft displacement problems in motive power engineering and in measurement and control techniques. 

The one-piece coupling works frictionless, wearless and silently, and without any troubling effects.

Main features

  • High torsional rigidity with optimal beeding and traction or thrust flexibility
  • Simple constructional principle
  • One-piece design - without play, friction, wear and structure vibrations
  • Simple fitting, no extra machining of the shaft journals
  • Minimum fitting volume, radially and axially
  • Extremely high, permissible displacement error values: angular approx. Ø ± 15º, radial approx. Ø ± 3 mm and axial approx. 10 to 20 mm
  • High operational reliability in the temperature range between -40ºC and +100ºC

Equivalent to the paguflex coupling.

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