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Classic V Belts - ENVELOPED
The V-belts
, like all our products REXON brand products, are produced under the most rigorous quality control, which guarantees long life span and resistance to oil. REXON keeps an inventory of a variety of lengths of the following profiles:
  • A (15 to 237 inches)
  • B (22 to 159 inches)
  • C (39 to 480 inches)
  • D (75 to 660 inches)
  • E (144 to 660 inches)

Classic V belts - COGGED
Produced from special raw material, these belts offer the best pulley-belt adjustment, allowing smaller curvature radiuses and helping in the dissipation of heat generated by the transmission system itself. REXON keeps in inventory a varied set of lengths of the following profiles:
  • AX (22 to 122 inches)
  • BX (28 to 120 inches)
  • CX (51 to 120 inches)

Produced for transmission systems that operate in limited space, high rotation transmissions and powerful engines. These are belts that are smaller than the conventional ones. Hight V line complies with METRIC LINE with European standards with the following belts: SPZ/SPA/SPB/APC and XPZ/XPA/XPB/XPC (metric). 

Our Rexon straps are manufactured in a compact way and with first quality raw materials, ideal for high speed applications. With a very good performance and an unparalleled quality / price ratio, in addition to its reduced maintenance need.
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