Connecting long-distance shafts

Couplings with spacers for a secure connection

Sometimes the distance between the shafts in a power transmission system is too great or there are obstacles in the way, which makes it impossible to use a standard coupling.

In these cases, a specialized coupling with a spacer, made to measure for that specific application, is needed.

At Lindis, under the HA-CO seal, we offer safety couplings made of different materials to connect center distances:

SWA aluminum spacers - Lightweight and capable of transmitting high torques
SWS steel spacers - Robust and highly torsionally rigid
SWE stainless steel spacers - For use in the food, pharmaceutical, and aggressive environments industries.
SWC carbon spacers - Allows reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency.

The lengths vary according to different needs, up to a maximum length of 4000 mm. They are also characterized by their high torsional strength.

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