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The Safety Couplings with torque limiters are made up of a series of parts, all of which are coupled without play forming a solid assembly. This connection is made by means of special spring washers whose load is controlled with a fine pitch nut. During the normal running of the machine, the special spring washer exerts a controlled pressure on the ball assembly, providing the assembly with a specific transmission capacity set at the factory according to the needs of the system.

In case of accidental collision, the coupling body mounted on the drive shaft stops immediately. The base plate keeps rotating due to the centrifugal forces of the transmission elements and the torque of the motor rotation. This happens because the balls escape from their interlock by overcoming the force of the spring washers. The special feature of these spring washers is that they lead to a reduction in the power of the spring during the aforementioned process.
The coupling is disengaged, the power between the transmitter and transmitted shaft is interrupted. A limit switch or a proximity sensor detects the axial travel of the pressure washer stopping the motor. When transmission normality is restored again, the coupling returns to its initial position, ie the balls are re-engaged in the base plate in the only position it can do after a 360° turn.

Safety couplings features

  • Adjustable clutch torque
  • Compensation of alignment errors
  • Without game
  • High accuracy
  • Without maintenance
  • All work parts are treated
  • Automatic re-positioning at 360º
  • Quick and safe disengagement
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